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21 December 2005 @ 01:31 pm
fuck anyone who said they care... that was a true test... and you failed  
Hi my name is Laura.
And I love to stay the night in hospitals all alone.
With no one there to let me know its going to be ok.
Ives and needles being pushed all over my body.
Passing out and being moved form room to room.
Everyone’s freaking out.
They don’t know what wrong with me.
I’m possibly diabetic.
they want to run test to see if the spot on my arm is cancer.
They think there is something wrong with my brain… By that they mean I could have a brain aneurism like my dad did when he was my age.
My panic attacks where full blown by now.
I can’t breathe at all.
My body is numb.
And I can’t move.
My muscles are so tight… that they are scared I’m going to break my own bones.
And they starting to think I could have a heart problem too.
And now maybe a lung problem.
But they know one thing that is wrong for sure.
And finally they tell me I may never be able to have kids.
All because of the cysts on my ovaries and how they lay.
My body seems to think I’m pregnant because of it to.
I may have to me a hysterectomy
4 weeks of tests coming up.
Still I’m sitting alone.
And when they finally let me go I have no one to come pick me up.
So I have to find a taxi to take me back to my apt.
where there is no one to comfort me and let me know its going to be ok.
So I’m sitting here alone thinking about the 90742976 other things they told me is or could be wrong.
I just want to go home.
I need to some to come and let me know it will be ok, hold me close and kiss my forehead the why my mom did when I was upset.